PEP-Uganda Reintegration Academy 2022


Following the introduction of the Prisons Education Project (PEP) of California, PEP-Uganda was founded in 2013. The CEO and Founder, Professor Renford Reece, Professor Arthur Sserwanga, and Mr. Anatoli Biryomumisho, Head of Education and Reintegration-Uganda Prison Services, set out to lessen the difficulties, obstacles, challenges and barriers associated with re-entry, train incarcerated individuals, foster reconciliation, encourage healing and forgiveness, and ensure that returning citizens in Uganda made the right decisions to reduce recidivism rates in Uganda and USA.

PEP Volunteers under the leadership of Mr. Kenny Butler from Pitzer College, California  will work with Uganda`s  Returning Citizens like Jonathan Mugerwa who has risen to a Bachelor’s Degree level in Entrepreneurship and Business Management; to establish a reintegration academy at Makerere University Business School, or MUBS, in Uganda, starting in November  2022. The Reintegration Academy will hold Various Cohorts each for 8 weeks. Participants will be screened by the appropriate authorities, such as Ugandan jails, before being guided through a variety of modules. The initiative brings former prisoners to the college campus for eight weeks. Modules on life skills, career development, and vocational education have very active participants. In the fifth week, each participant will receive a laptop or an iPad to help with tasks like job searching as guided by the Employers who will attend the Graduation and Certificate Ceremony.

It is a Re-entry Guide, PEP/RA 2022.  The Bible says in Proverbs 25:25, Like cold water to a weary soul, is good news from a distant land. 

Community Correction Alternative

The Returning Citizens of Uganda in the mood of welcoming the PEP Reintegration Academy in October 2022

Jonathan and the Friends trying to popularize the Reintegration Academy This was at the MUBS Entrepreneurship Innovation and Incubation Center

Re-entry and the Cognitive Community
In Correction, we say that Re-entry is our Business
Re-entry Begins the moment an Inmate is received in the Correctional Facilities of Uganda Government Prisons services.
It comes in form of Education at the Various Formal and Informal Educational Levels. Our Business is Skilling every one with relevant and marketable skills.
We focus at the end of ones period of Incarceration and preparation for their return to society.
Having been like many of you, we encourage you to take up the End of the sentence in the Start of
your sentence, well knowing that, the Journey from the pit starts within the pit.
The Inmate’s families matter. Inside or outside, a family remains a Family.



The Correctional Lessons and Experiences of Jonathan Mugerwa Part 2

Serving a Correctional Sentence in Luzira Maximum Prison for 15 years is another Challenge to learn
We can all, become Better Returning Citizens especially, through the Reintegration Academy.
Re-entry starts on the day one gets into the Correctional Facility and I had to plan well starting from
the unknown to the known.
The first Principal, I accepted Imprisonment, ignored escape tendencies, I was careful over negative
influence, subversiveness, negative teams, and anything that could make me come back to prison.
Self-awareness; I accepted myself and the weaknesses in my life. It was time to look for my strengths
and Talents, like reading books and creating positive stories that could protect my image before the
society. I blamed myself for all that went wrong and what was Happening to my life.
To me self-awareness called for Self-Motivation, Self-Regulation (temper Management, response to
people) Healing and Forgiveness, Stress Management and self-control. Resilience, endurance and
perseverance. Consistence in self-discipline and was not subjected to a Prison Staff at any one time in
the 15 years.
I had Educational back ground of about Primary level.
My ability to coexist with such an isolated Community.
Ability to eat most foods for survival, and other strengths.
I dropped and Ignored what I could not change, and took up what I could change.
I had to change my mind set; way of thinking, memory, attitude toward Pain, emotions and intentions,
desires and perception.
It was time to pray for Luzira Prison and staffs, Luzira`s peace could give me peace.
The administration abolished the Punitive code for a correctional one and its Open-Door Policy
Reform. The door led in many great people with great words of wisdom. I had not met these people
while outside.
I applied the 5Ws principal;
What went wrong? What went wrong with my Personality and habits? What can be done?
Who messed my life? Who will do it for me? Who will fix it
When if not in prison?
Where if not in prison?
Why if not for a successful Re-entry and Reconciliation with the society?
The Environment and Government policy favoured at building a critical mass of Educated and learned
inmates to reduce violence and strikes and Damages, to instil hope amongst inmates. We created
statistics at all levels to win Government Programs like Universal Primary and Secondary Education,
UPE & USE. Which we did anyway. Uganda Prison Services focused at Developing an institution of
People with a positive mind set. This was said by Hon. Benjamin Josses Odoki (born 23 March 1943)
was the tenth Chief Justice of Uganda from 2001 to 2013. He confirmed it to us that we were
students who matter to Uganda and beyond. We the few who attended benefited greatly and my
prison life was greatly guided. By the time of my release, Makerere University Business School,
MUBS, was already established in Luzira, PEP and Pitzer College had signed an MOU with Uganda
Prisons, and No Single strike has occurred in Luzira Upper Prison.

Huge thanks to all the Inmates, Stake holders, Volunteers and Prison staff for such sustainability.