Sponsor A child

In arrange to advance the correct and well-being of the child, Buena Charity Servises Uganda, bcsug. envisions advancing and progressing the lives of impeded and helpless Children through enabling lives and changing communities with a all encompassing approach in Instruction, Development, and Social advancement. We recognize the reality that children`s rights are key and must be regarded as demonstrated within the Structure of Uganda and the UN Tradition on the Rights of the Child. It is for that reason that in all we do, we endeavor to guarantee and advance children`s rights just like the rights to; instruction, play, a steady environment, and wellbeing care among others.

All these and other ways of advancing their rights, prosperity, and common improvement are consolidated in our Children`s improvement program which is partitioned into inside and outside programs, catering for the prosperity of almost 100 defenseless children. All this has been conceivable as a result of liberal gifts from our accomplices and humanitarians. For any other kind heart that wants to bolster, advance and guarantee the correct and wellbeing of the child, you’ll be able be able to do this by supporting a Child through any of our programs by supporting their Instruction, Bolstering, Sheets Shield, Wellbeing, and Clothing.


Support a less distraught child at a expense of 182,500ugx ($50) per month for a child in Essential School and 365,000ugx ($100) for a child in Auxiliary School. Child sponsorship is exceptionally conceivable and with such and more we are in a position to make a enduring affect for a child beneath our care. With this sum, we are in a position to supply School Expenses, Educational Materials, nourishment, Protect, clothing, and therapeutic care for the child. These are children drawn from the Overlooked Communities of uganga counting Gomba, Nakakololo, boulevards Kids, Ophans, Ghettos, and imprisoned guardians.

You’ll be able support a child inside our outside program beneath a campaign named “Keep A Child In School”. Beneath our outside program, a child is catered for from their individual communities, this campaign basically looks after single orphans whose single parent is not in position to require care of the child, it does too cater for total orphans who are being looked after by relatives or community Samaritans but are not in position to require care of the child and it as well lookout of the less advantaged / Defenseless Children. Among the necessities we offer are; instruction in frame of school expenses and academic materials, nourishment, sheets, shoes and dress.

This campaign right now runs in Gomba and Nakakololo Overlooked Communities area with a add up to of 100 children accomplishing instruction within the nearby essential and Auxiliary schools At a charge of approximately 109,500Ugx ($30) per month for a child in Essential School and 182,500ugx ($50) for a Child in Auxiliary School, you’ll be in a position to support a child in need With this sum, we are in a position to supply School expenses, Academic materials, and Dress for the Child who require help.

For more data with respect to Child Sponsorship, mail us at info@bcsug.org or info@prohealthafrica.org Upon tolerating to support a child, we provide you get to to the children’s profiles so merely seem select a specific child you want to support. Within the due term, you continuously type in letters to them and they as well type in to you.